Hi. I’m Luke Johnson— a Digital Information Design student at Winthrop University with a passion for building digital products and using design to solve problems.


Design & Development

I designed and developed a simple tool to help designers discover unique colors and gradients. The goal of ColorSpark is to help designers break out of the habit of using the same, limiting color palette in nearly every project. Since launching in June of 2018, colors and gradients have now been generated over 675,000 times by more than 35,000 users.


ColorSpark for Sketch

Plugin Development

In addition to the web version of ColorSpark, I developed a plugin for the popular design application, Sketch. ColorSpark for Sketch allows users to generate random colors and gradients directly in their Sketch projects. Since launching in July of 2018, the plugin now has over 3,000 downloads.



Design & Development

As a counterpart to ColorSpark, I created FontSpark to help users discover new fonts. FontSpark allows designers to quickly cycle through popular web fonts in order to find the perfect fit for their next project. Since its launch in December of 2018, fonts have been generated over 450,000 times by more than 18,000 users.